Clayhill Vineyard


English Wines Group

Planting and establishing a vineyard  is an expensive and slow process.  Because of this, for the first few years, all our grapes will be  going to the ‘English Wines Group’ where they will process and use them to make more of their award winning wines.  ‘English Wines’ source grapes from contracted growers across the south east of England from Kent, Sussex and Essex.  To begin with, they will make our wines for us but eventually we hope to make our own  here at the vineyard along with grape juices, apple juices and liqueurs.


Marketed under the ‘Chapel Down’ label they believe that good wine starts in the vineyard. They impose the highest quality standards on the growers to deliver ripe, clean fruit and always quality control the grapes when they arrive at the winery in Tenterden, Kent.  Only the best fruit is selected to go into the Chapel Down wines. The range and variety of grapes (from Bacchus to Pinot Noir) grown on the Sussex chalk downs or Essex clays help to produce unique and exciting wines .

England remains one of the most tolerant, caring, enterprising, ingenious, creative, stylish, energising and occasionally eccentric places on Earth.  If those values are important to you, then you are English - whether you were born here  or not. They are not just values. They are Chapel Down values.




I think that we have something very special at Chapel Down. Assembled here is a team of highly professional, talented people who share a vision of creating World Class, interesting, distinctive and award-winning wines.  We are all aware that we are lucky to do this in the fabulous environment of the Garden of England.  We are really proud of what we have done so far, what we do here now and excited about the future. 


We support farmers by offering contracts to grow grapes giving them security and solid certain long term returns.


We think we have created the start of an English ‘Garden Route’ in the Garden of England that we can be hugely proud.


We support local business wherever we can.  It’s good for Kent, Sussex and Essex, good for England and good for business.



                                 Frazer Thompson MD ‘English Wines Group Plc’